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Resuscitation and resurrection

Yesterday, this reporter heard a neat story that he wants to share with our readers. It’s about a resuscitation and a Resurrection. It seems appropriate because we just celebrated in Christendom as Resurrection Sunday.

The people took their seats, and the preacher took his place on the platform to began his homily. It wasn’t his first sermon Sunday. He had presided over something called a “Sunrise Service” at 6:15 that morning. I didn’t attend that one, but I did show up for the regular 10 a.m. service.

Now this was not the first time this pastor had ever climbed out of bed early to perform his duty. You see, he is a retired fireman, and he has left the safety and comfort of his bed so many times that he could never count them. He drew upon his experience as a firefighter to begin yesterday’s sermon. He started with a resuscitation and ended with a resurrection.



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