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Queens advocating for agriculture

For The Madera Tribune

Madera’s Brittany Andersen, right, and Brooklynn Stringfield are not only advocating agriculture wherever they go, but they are advocating for Central Valley agriculture as Miss Agriculture spokes models.


Sisters Brooklynn Stringfield and Brittany Andersen have used their crowns to help give back to not only the community, but to the agriculture industry in Madera.

“My platform was changing the way agriculture is perceived in social media,” Andersen said. “So, the last year-and-a-half, I have worked in social media, both professionally, and with my title. On social media, you see so many negative things towards agriculture. People will post stuff they don’t understand, and it will give a negative look to agriculture. That’s my big thing. If you don’t have the education, you’re going to have misconceptions of the industry, which will lead to the downfall. Obviously, we can’t have that because we can’t live without agriculture. I have been posting ag facts and posting videos to educate that even though you don’t have access to agriculture, I want them to have access to agriculture education. We’ve been so blessed and privileged to grow up on an almond ranch. We are the most blessed sister duo. We do get to experience this. We’ve seen the good things and bad things of agriculture. Agriculture is so much more than food on your table.”

“My platform was agri-tourism and showing what is is,” Stringfield said. “It’s the fairs and pumpkin patches. With that, I also do a veterans thing. Whenever I see a veteran in public, I give them a package and thank them for their service.”


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