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Poythress named president of Councils of Governments

For The Madera Tribune

Madera County Supervisor Robert Poythress, left, stands with California Association of Councils of Governments Executive Director Bill Higgins. Poythress was recently elected president of CALCOG.


Madera County Supervisor Robert Poythress was elected as the President of CALCOG, the California Association of Councils of Governments, in a ceremonial decision made on December 8. Poythress, who previously served as the First Vice President of CALCOG, brings a wealth of experience to his new role, and is set to champion the interests of Madera County and all rural areas across the state, representing the Madera County Transportation Commission in his role.

CALCOG is comprised of 47 member agencies and spans a broad spectrum of California’s diverse communities. From the Lake County/City Area Planning Council, with a population of 64,000, to the Southern California Association of Governments representing 18 million residents, CALCOG unites members engaged in planning, funding, and implementing transportation infrastructure projects. The association fosters collaboration between state and local governments, ensuring that transportation planning policies address California’s varied regions’ unique needs.

In his prior role as First Vice President, Poythress advocated for effective transportation planning. Now, as the president, he has expressed his honor in serving Madera County and all rural areas in the state. Poythress emphasized the importance of recognizing California’s geographic and socioeconomic diversity, stating:


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