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Opinion: Women in the field of AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the field of the future. It is both fascinating and astounding, a blessing and a curse. Some believe it will surpass human intelligence and achievement; others think it will threaten and perhaps put an end to such careers as writing, fine arts, and other areas that depend on “intellectual property.” Some believe it will usher in a new phase of evolution; others believe it will bring about devolution as our brains need to acquire less knowledge.

Why bother to read a history book when you can just ask Alexa or Siri for the names of the countries that formed the Axis Powers during World War II? Why bother with mathematics when you can ask your smart phone for the square root of 169 or the Fibonacci number that follows 21. Why study chemistry when your computer can tell you the common term for C(12)H(22)O(11)?

Regardless of the effect AI will eventually have on human beings, it will continue to be the prime field of study and application for the next generation. And women will play a major part in its development, just as did Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper in the development of computers. So, in recognition of Women’s History Month, here are some of the women who are helping to reshape every aspect of our lives, from education to health to finance to government.


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