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Opinion: Will Texas be the new California?

We’ve surrendered to the idea that 60 is the new 40. We’ve resigned ourselves to the notion that orange is the new black. And we’ve accepted the allegation that there are fifty shades of gray (although Crayola seems to resist the assertion). Now, we may be forced to swallow the claim that Texas is the new California.

Two statistics that have distinguished California from the 49 other states have been its phenomenal population growth since its acceptance as a state in 1849 and its properties that became a magnet for innovation and, more recently, the attempt at high-speed rail. But Texas has been challenging the Golden State for decades, and it may be winning.


Although Californians still outnumber Texans, we’re now like the hare in the classic contest with the tortoise. As we know from Aesop’s Fables, the hare jumps off to such a great lead that it decides to take a nap. Meanwhile, the tortoise pushes forward at a slow, but steady pace, eventually surpassing the hare and winning the race.


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