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Opinion: The Roaring 20s are back

As we ease into the third year of the New Roaring 20s, I wish you and yours a Happy 2022!

I’ll start with my usual holiday admonishment to not imbibe and drive. Be smart and safe this long holiday weekend. A word to the wise…

• • •

Now according to Numerologist, the year 2022 translates to the magical number six. (2+0+2+2) Last year’s number five represented a year that kept us off balance. That is sure one way to describe 2021. And don’t get me wrong; the COVID-19 plagues will continue to haunt us. It may be Mother Nature’s way to control overpopulation. Thinning of the human herd if you will.

If life was fair the pandemic would only take out the bad people who are a waste of space, leaving only the people who have redeemable qualities. However, based on that, almost any one of us is eligible for a big Ol’ dose instant Karma. No one knows what true evil resides in anyone’s heart.

According to “heading into a bright shiny new universal year number, could be just what is needed to attract some fresh, positive vibes!” The energy that a number six gives us is kindness and stability, said Seth Verilyea a medium and tarot card reader for

The year 2021 had people feeling they were beating their heads against a wall. He also said, since six is in the middle of the spectrum between one and nine it indicates gaining some wisdom and being prepared to use that knowledge to move forward.” Hope he is right!

The Internet holds a plethora of information regarding astrology, numerology and what purports to be other paranormal wisdom.

Anyone who thinks the study of this area is somehow evil or in league with Satan is looking at it upside down. Mom always believed it is a science to be studied, not a religion to believe in. Sadly, there are people who take this information and twist it to their advantage.

But the same can be said about people who start out worshipping God and reading the Bible before turning into a David Koresh or Jim Jones. Anything can become evil if it uses glorifying the Lord as a way to gain power for an individual or group to the determent of others. People who blindly follow a supposed holy man or woman are losing their relationship with their higher power and worshipping another mere and often very flawed mortal.

We are all the same in the eyes of the Lord. None of us are irredeemable if we repent and follow the God of our choice. Amen.

I believe Christians all worship the same God no matter what he is called or what dogma is followed to enlightenment. Some faiths institute man’s rules and follow the direction of prophets or other holy men and women. I am skeptical about some of the dress codes churches and some faiths require of their faithful. Many of them seem to be devised to control the women of the congregation.

The church I was raised in has its own set of rules that I don’t agree with, but following them doesn’t harm anyone so believe what you want and allow me the same privilege.

• • •

Ensuring luck for the New Year my mom, Granny QuoVada, swore by black-eyed-peas eaten on New Years Day. Not something I would ever eat willingly. Still my mom knew things, so every year I would eat at least one big spoonful, just in case, to make her happy. One year I had surgery scheduled for Jan. 2 so I ate two spoonfulls.

There are a ton of other superstitions on the Internet to ensure luck, wealth and prosperity in the New Year. Many of them include other foods. Eat 12 grapes at midnight, a tradition from the 1880s, states if you finish all 12 by 12:01 a.m. you’ll have good luck the next 12 months.

But, don’t eat lobster or chicken as they walk backward and sideways and you’ll lose your lucky the same way. Eating a King cake signals the end of Christmas. If you get a golden coin or plastic baby doll you will have wealth and prosperity for the coming year, according to legend. Eating pork on Near Year will bring wealth and help you move forward. The sweet Greek bread, Vasilopita, round and topped with almonds also contains a golden coin. The person who gets the piece with the prize will have a year of good luck. The Vasilopita must be both baked and consumed on New Year’s Day. An Asian tradition has eating long buckwheat soba noodles to bring about longevity and prosperity. Take care preparing these and don’t break them.

Don’t clean or sweep the house on New Year. Also don’t do laundry, dishes or take out the trash. You don’t want to throw or clean away your luck. Clean your house before the 31st to scrub away the old year. Carry around an empty suitcase, even for a few minutes, indicates a year full of adventure and travel. Make a lot of noise at midnight to ward off evil spirits.

Please don’t shoot guns into the air thinking they are harmless. What goes up, must come down. Injuring or killing someone just to make noise is stupid and reckless, period!

Have cash in your pocket to attract wealth in the New Year. Get your shopping done before midnight because empty cupboards can be a bad sign. Open windows and doors at midnight to let the old year out and the New Year in.

Getting a kiss at midnight as your first encounter of the year can determine how the next 365 days will go.

I credit some of these legends, traditions and superstitions to We all know how smart, successful and rich she is so…

Long days and pleasant nights, have a blessed New Year.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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