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Opinion: The problem with community colleges

Imagine this scenario: Saint Muffy’s General Hospital in Pine, CA, is desperately in need of a respiratory therapist. A notice of “Employment Opportunities” has been published widely, and colleges throughout California have been contacted, but no applicants have applied at the hospital in this small city in California’s Great Central Valley.

One day, Janelle Palm walks into the Human Resources office, full of confidence. She’s worked hard for five years to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy, graduating cum laude. Based on the published job description, she knows that she is qualified for the position. 

Before arriving at the hospital, Janelle has driven her little two-seater Miata around town, stopping at several stores, reading the local newspaper, and checking the price of rentals. She likes the city, the people seem to be friendly, and she feels comfortable in Pine.


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