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Opinion: Quite a week

This has been a very busy week.

On Monday the world bid a fond farewell to Queen Elizabeth ll. The globally televised event began at midnight on the west coast and continued through the rest of the day.

Afterward, the Internet news sites offered a recap of the affair including commentary on the behavior of those in attendance. One site I read stated President and Mrs. Biden were late for the ceremonies because they and their armored car (known as The Beast) were stuck in traffic.

In an effort to cut down on the congestion a VIP bus was provided for heads of state and others to get from a remote parking lot to the steps of Westminster Abby for the service.

Due to security concerns, they refused to avail themselves of this assistance.

Another site I read stated the Bidens arrived early. That’s the thing about Internet news coverage it is impossible to tell what is the truth. It appeared on TV they were a little bit late. Other news tidbits chastised the Royal Family because the queen’s grandson Prince Harry and his American wife Megan Markle were seated in the second row because they aren’t what is called “Working Royals” as part of “The Firm.”

Being harassed by the press, the couple has relocated to a home in California. Considering how his mother, Princess Diana died in a car wreck in Paris while being chased by paparazzi, he was afraid the same fate was awaiting them.

I find it a creditable reason to step away from Royal service.

However, being a member of the Royal family is like being a gang member. Walking away is always punished with extreme prejudice.

In the USA the people in posh political jobs tend to change every two, four or eight years.

In Britain, they have an elected parliament headed by a Prime Minister. During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth ruled through 14 American presidents and 15 British Prime Ministers.

Queen Elizabeth met 13 of the 14 presidents with LBJ refusing to fly to London. The Queen sent her younger sister Princess Margret to meet with President Johnson instead.

• • •

This week on the 21st, my favorite author, Stephen King, turned 75. I forgot to send him a birthday card this year as my mind is occupied with other things.

Also on the 21st, my sister from another mister celebrated her 31st wedding anniversary. She was the first person I called after the sheriff’s office said Fred was dead.

She and her family have been a great assistance in helping me cope.

Fred and I had a simple ceremony in Reno so I was able to experience a formal wedding vicariously through her. When she had her daughter Simone, I experienced pregnancy the same way. All the joy, none of the stretch marks.

• • •

Also, on Wednesday, the Central Valley Music Hall of Fame inducted Allen and Faye Harkins into its elite list of members. A ceremony was held at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater in Fresno. I had a nice time sitting with the Harkin’s children. Except for driving home from Fresno at 10 p.m. I had a very nice time.

Past Madera High band members including Betty Gotelli Lee, Mokey Cowger and David Boyle were also in attendance. It is always nice to reconnect with childhood friends.

• • •

As of this writing, the dinner honoring H Clay Daulton as Senior Farmer and the festivities celebrating Old Timers’ Day is yet to come.

Long days and pleasant nights, have a blessed weekend.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.


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