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Opinion: Men’s alert — you’ve got 5 days

Remember that day in August? You and your family were crammed into your motor home, at least when you weren’t out enjoying the surf and sun on the beach in that cute coastal town. It was your well-earned summer vacation, a time to kick back, relax, and down a few brewskis.

Your wife informed you that you’d have to watch the kids for a couple of hours because she was taking the drag-along car to pick up a few groceries. That was the day that one of the kids got a nosebleed, and you were at a loss as to what to do. But it stopped, pretty much on its own. 

Then another of the kids accidentally kicked the soccer ball too far out into the water, and you had to grab the surf board, and paddle after it. By the time that you and the ball made it back to the sandy beach, you could hear the crying of the third kid who had her hand caught in the mechanism of one of the fold-down beds. No harm done, and you managed to kiss the boo-boo and stop her tears by the time that your wife returned.


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