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Opinion: Makeup controversy makes one blush

Original published Saturday, Aug. 7, 2004.

Well, now the truth is out — the reason why some legislators, mostly Democrats, are miffed at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: It’s because he often appears to be wearing makeup, and gets expensive haircuts.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Democrat, also believes that Schwarzenegger is behaving worse than former Gov. Gray Davis did by raising campaign money from special-interest groups.

Actually, I always have known that Schwarzenegger wears makeup. Didn’t you see “Terminator”? Certainly, he doesn’t actually look like that. Or, maybe that is how he actually looks, and wears Governator makeup when he isn’t making Terminator movies.

Apparently, Gov. Davis didn’t wear much makeup when he was governor, but that may have been why they called him “Gray,” as opposed to “Cheerful” or “Grumpy.” Or, maybe he had on makeup to help him look like a school librarian instead of a person such as a Terminator who could rip your head off without even thinking about it.

One thing for sure, ex-Gov. Davis is wearing makeup more often these days because he is trying to find work as an actor (among other things).

I don’t wear makeup, so I don’t know what to think about Schwarzenegger’s wearing it. He has done all right with it, though, so I might try a little. Maybe a touch of blush, a little lipstick, some foundation, some of that cream that makes you look 19 years old. I won’t overdo it, though. I wouldn’t want to risk the wrath of Assembly Member Nunez.

Meanwhile, forget the expensive haircuts. You can’t cut what you haven’t got.


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