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Opinion: Four decades ago, in Reno

This week, I celebrated my 41st wedding anniversary. Believe or not it takes place on two different days. In 1979, we went to Reno, Nevada to get hitched and the calendar said it was Nov. 23, 1979. That same silly calendar said it was the Day After Thanksgiving.

My husband marks the Day After Thanksgiving as our wedding anniversary. I am greedy and celebrate both days and all the days in between. It’s not like we celebrate with presents, parties or nights on the town. Mainly, the observation of the 23rd is good for my soul. I am striving to cherish all the good things that happened to us the last four decades.

At the beginning of our courtship, we spent about 20 years riding motorcycles. We rode tandem on a string of Harley Davidsons, the only MC worth riding. Yeah, I admit I’m a Harley snob. Additionally, I bought a 185cc Honda Twinstar which was slung low like a “Chopper.” I survived a minor collusion with the bike slip-sliding in a puddle of tomato juice during harvest. I was at the onramp of State route 99 at Avenue 12.

Blessedly, neither I nor the Honda lost more than a bit of paint and some skin. It’s said chicks dig scars, right? Mine reminds me deep down I am still a biker chick. Some say biker chick, as though it were a bad thing. As if biker chicks were a floozie or worse.

• • •

While others measure their ethnicity in the context of their ancestors. If it weren’t for being at least part white trash, I’d have no ethnicity at all. Except that all-important one, being an American! While bloodlines are fixed, I get to choose just how trashy to be. There are trashy people of every skin tone.

• • •

Although there are still 33 days until we reach 2021, I have picked out one New Year’s resolution. I intend to erase the word “lucky,” from my vocabulary and will substitute blessed instead. Luck is a smatter of folklore, blessings are real. Don’t squander your blessings. Appreciation is a deep part of accepting blessings. I would rather be lucky than good can be replaced with I’d rather be blessed… Almost any instance where luck is involved, substitute blessed instead.

• • •

We are changing houses, again. We were blessed to find a good alternative to our present home. In Madera, finding safe rental homes in clean neighborhoods is nearly impossible in today’s housing market. Too many people have been burned out by wildfires at their mountain homes. It’s a seller’s market, with owners selling their houses, not renting them. And being a landlord can be a terrific headache.

• • •

At a time when outside influences would rob us of our ability to worship the God of our choosing and his son or their prophets. Now is the time to not only, “keep the faith baby,” spread it around as well.

• • •

The political landscape will eventually play itself out. If the results make the big money set its minions upon us, they should be met with extreme prejudice. I’ll greet the reelection of President Trump with joy. The alternative will create so many problems, we will all need to count our blessings to survive. Either way it is up to one candidate to concede and move America forward, to meet the difficult times ahead. Be safe as Governor Newsom has instituted lock-downs, again, that includes curfews from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

May you and your families thrive during these trying times, dear readers. Bless you with long days and pleasant nights. Have a great weekend.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.


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