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Opinion: Could this be a ‘No Labels’ year?

There is a feeling of national unhappiness in the two major political parties. The king-makers, campaign organizers, and deep pockets on both sides are aware of it. And they are also concerned about the possibility of a third party entering the race for President of the United States this year.

In 2010, sensing that differences in political philosophy had morphed to personal animosity and that the center had disappeared, Nancy Jacobson — a former Democratic National Committee Finance chair — and Mark McKinnon — Republican Party Strategist — co-founded No Labels. Although political pundits claim that “nobody knows” what No Labels is or what it is doing, the group has a website that specifies its objectives.

What’s it all about?

Before enumerating the tenets of No Labels members, the designers of the website state: “This moment demands American leaders and citizens alike declare their freedom from the anger and divisiveness that is ruining our politics and, most importantly, our country.” The party declares itself to be centrist, uncommitted to either the leftist or right-wing extremes that have emerged, especially in recent years.


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