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Opinion: Christmas is drawing nigh

Christmas time, Christmas time, fa-la-la-la-la-la…

Online Christmas shopping brings nearly all the shops in the world to the experience. It is easy to see a product, think of who needs it or would enjoy it, and push the button for delivery. Then for loved ones far away, the process is complete.

There is the additional step of wrapping gifts for people nearby, colorful paper and bright tags that read To: You From Me.

I ordered red wrapping paper with the Peanuts gang frolicking in the winter snow. I was all set until I ran out of scotch tape, another item to add to my Christmas list.

We had our Tribune family Christmas party this week. It was a joy to hang out with my colleagues with no deadlines crashing down around us.

I sat with Bill Coate while the Secret Santa gift and drawings were distributed.

Our friendship predates my career with The Madera Tribune. In the 1980s, we staged the Agatha Christie Mystery “Ten Little Indians.” These days the play is often known by the more politically correct “Then There Were None.”

Bill and I with Stefanie Gendron Eddings, Ron Fletcher, Rodney Hagopian, Doug Nelson, Tom and Eileen Riley and a couple of others that have slipped my mind, represented the Madera Community Theater.

I hadn’t done a play since high school, so it was quite an experience.

On opening night, when I made my first entrance on stage, Fred was in the front row with Ron and Barbara Fletcher. They enjoyed quite a chuckle when Fred uttered, “She looks like Bruno’s Mother!” Of course, only longtime Maderans will get the reference.

I love being a part of this community. My memories are all tied here. My people are all buried here. That is a crucial connection. Jay Chapel has serviced five generations of my family.

I’m performing a job I dreamed of as a child. I always envisioned being Lois Lane, Della Street and Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine, the switchboard operator from Laugh-In.

I have done all three.

I have been at the Tribune for 27 years, the third longest member of the staff. Only Shirley James and Bill have more longevity than I have.

I vividly remember the day I found out our Sports Editor, Tyler Takeda, was young enough to be my son. He was born in 1973, the year I graduated from high school. He has not let me forget that one. He’s like the younger brother I never had.

Blessings this holiday season to our lead photographer Wendy Alexander, without whom the pages of The Tribune would consist of a lot of grays.

Our advertising sales crew, Katrina Soliz and Corrie Valdez, keep the doors open, as does our classified and circulation person, Christy Lopez. Each person plays their part.

I’ve worked for nine publishers and more managing editors than I can remember. It continues to be a joyful ride.

I want to extend a special holiday blessing to our office manager, Nancy Simpson. She put together an extensive array of Christmas gifts for the staff. This was the best staff Christmas party we’ve ever had. She is a real jewel.

As the clock ticks down to Christmas, enjoy your loved ones and remember the reason for the season.

Long days and pleasant nights, have a blessed weekend.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.


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