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Opinion: Bring it on, 2021!

Well dear readers, I hope you enjoyed a safe New Year’s Eve and Day and are recovering sufficiently to make it to work on Monday. This is my first Gravy of the year 2021.

I stumbled across last year’s New Year’s Gravy and decided to see what my thoughts were a year ago. I rattled off a bunch of New Year superstitions about eating black-eyed peas and 12 grapes to ensure a new year of prosperity. But, since these talismans for a great New Year are reasonably priced and of no great harm, what the heck, right?

Our new millennium, which showed such promise two decades ago, is now old enough to legally order a drink in a bar. Too bad the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the bars and cocktail lounges to close their doors.

To help stop the spread of the virus, Governor Nephew has said that churches shouldn’t hold services with parishioners sitting and kneeling together in prayer.

What luck will bar owners and patrons have lifting the ban? Do you suppose alcohol consumption could kill the virus? I have no basis of fact for that last statement so please, don’t take my word for it.

Christmas at our house was a quiet time. No tree to trim or presents to unwrap. Although we recently completed a move from one house to another. Every time I open a box of our belongings it’s like a Christmas present of my own stuff. So many boxes to unpack.

From each one, I get to enjoy the acquisition of things I once thought I couldn’t live without. There are also things to unpack that make me wonder what the heck was I thinking when I got this.

I think of myself as a collector, although my good friend Stefanie Gendron Eddings says I’m a hoarder. She should know. She helps me move and has seen the stuff first-hand.

Her specialty is kitchen and pantry organization. If not for her brilliant assistance instead of just living out of boxes we’d be eating out of them too. Thanx, Sister Stef!

Assessing our possessions, there are just too many things that aren’t really good enough to keep, but are way to cool to throw away.

My husband and I both grew up on little five-acre farms, he in Dixieland and mine not far from the Country Club area. Our parents were raised in an era of want and need. Having room to store stuff other people no longer cared about wasn’t a problem.

“Heck yeah, I’ll take that home,” we often said.

We’ve probably gotten rid of more junk than many people have ever owned.

As I go through our belongings, I am making a pile of yard sale fodder, date to be determined. Anything not sold will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans organization. Someone should benefit from all the used objects we no longer want.

Many people vow to simplify their lives as a New Year’s resolution. Maybe I should make it one of mine this year.

I have already vowed to use the term blessed rather than saying lucky when faced with good fortunes. I think there should be room for one more resolution in my life.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year than 2020. If it’s not, the Democrats can always blame the Trump Administration for it.

I doubt Uncle Joe Biden has what it takes to make our country strong. He doesn’t appear to have the stamina it takes to succeed in the office of president. Mamma Kamala is waiting in the wings should he falter, make that when he falters.

A new speaker of the house will be selected in a few days. It is anybody’s guess if Nancy Pat will retain her place in the front of the room.

If she does,w maybe she will be careful enough to have a hairdresser call on her at home this time.

Here to wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous New Year.

Be safe dear readers. Long days and pleasant nights, have a great weekend.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.


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