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Obituary: Ron Truhitte

For The Madera Tribune

Ronnie Lee Truhitte.


Ronnie Lee Truhitte was born in Madera, California, March 29, 1952, to Bobby Lee and Wanda Lou Truhitte. He graduated from Madera High School in 1970 as an esteemed football player and wrestler. He then went on to Fresno City College, where he played football and met the love of his life, Marty Masini, in the cafeteria. Ron and Marty were married on June 3rd, 1972, in Fresno, California.

Ron began his law enforcement career in 1976 with the Oceanside police. He came to the Santa Cruz police department in 1979 and served as a patrol officer, field training officer, and a highly recognized homicide detective. In 1990, Ron became a criminal investigator with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. To further serve his community, in the early ‘90s, Ron worked as a ranger in Pogonip Park on the weekends, where he enjoyed riding his horse and patrolling the park. Because of his success as an investigator, he was honored to be invited to join the FBI’s joint terrorist task force between 2002 and 2004. After an exceptional career in investigations, he retired as Deputy Chief investigator in December of 2008.

In retirement, Ron felt such dedication to his community that he volunteered his time as an investigator on cold cases with the Santa Cruz police.

On top of his strong dedication to his career, Ron was deeply devoted to his family. Ron and Marty had three children, two sons, Robert and Jeff, and being the proud father he was, Ron delivered his daughter Jacki at Dominican hospital in 1982. Ron never missed a chance to cheer his children on, sometimes having to run back and forth between baseball fields to watch both boys’ play. He was a loving and dedicated father and husband.

Ron was an avid outdoorsman who loved horseback riding, taking his family camping, and never missed the opportunity to have friends and family over for a BBQ. He enjoyed teaching his grandsons to play baseball, build Legos, and cherished many trips to Disneyland with family and friends. Ron loved fly-fishing up and down the beautiful streams of the upper Sac River with his son Jeff, John Peterson, and the “bros.”

He was preceded in death by his sister Caroline Lucckesi and his mother, Wanda Truhitte. He’s survived by his father, Bob Truhitte, wife of fifty years Marty Truhitte, his two sons, Robert and Jeffrey, his daughter Jacki, her partner Billy Waddell, and two grandsons, Maverick and Mickey. Ron passed peacefully surrounded by his loved ones in the home he helped build for his family.

Ron touched many lives; he was a father figure to many of our friends, the type of man you could call, and he’d be there. A man that was fair and honorable. He will be missed greatly by his community, friends, and loved ones.

Family and friends will gather on Sunday, August 21 at Chaminade Resort (1 Chaminade Lane in Santa Cruz) from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. All are welcome to come to this event to share stories and remembrances of this wonderful man.



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