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MUSD academic growth rate leading the country

For The Madera Tribune

James Monroe teacher Angelica Bravo teaches math to students. Monroe’s 3rd graders scored in the 99th percentile in their rate of learning math when their test results for 2022 are compared with 2023.


Local kids learning faster in math and reading

MUSD leadership received an early Christmas surprise that shocked not only locals, but educators across the country.

In checking the fall academic student achievement, they discovered that the district’s students had made significant gains in math and reading.

Then, they got some news they had not expected. The rate of academic achievement between 2022 and 2023 in math and reading was higher at MUSD than most of the nation, which means Madera Unified students are learning faster than most of the nation’s students in math and reading. The result of this phenomenal rate of achievement should mean even greater achievement levels in the future.


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