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Missing the pack leader

It seems that I’ve been voted the noisiest member of my pack, so they decided to let me “speak” my piece.

Yup....this pooch is blowin’ a smooch and given a “high 4” to my papa, my new family, and the year 2020.

I got to “shelter in place” (most of it on the couch) with my three dogs and two human pack members. There was lots of time for kissin’ and lickin’, huggin’ and cuddlin’ and talkin’ and walkin.’ We exchanged sniffs and hellos with other humans and their pups as we took daily walks on the river trail. There was no lack of “social skills,” as I learned to share doggie treats, squeaky toys, and belly rubs with my new siblings. Sometimes, I even got to go to work at the Tribune office with my papa and mama, get my picture in the paper, and hang out with the other humans, who were always happy to see me. They made sure I had invitations to office parties and celebrations so I could wear my best dress. I broke the rule on “social distancing” everywhere I went, but no one seemed to mind.

“Distance learning” was even fun! I learned new words and commands lovingly taught by my auntie Chris, mama Bonnie, and my papa Chuck, who sang “Grace” at dinnertime, played fetch with Mr. Piggy, let me sit on his lap, and showed me his love, every single day.

So, you see… at the end of the day, when I snuggled in bed with my family, I never felt so happy and loved.

Sadly, though our pack is a little smaller now, as we miss our pack leader. I am a lucky pup to have such happy memories. I will remember the good times in 2020 and continue to dream of them in 2021. I miss you, papa.

— Tribbie Doud (as barked to Bonnie Mazzoni)


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