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Madera wraps up cannabis public meetings

The final public meeting for cannabis sales applicants was held in the Madera City Council chambers and, once again, was mediated by Planning Manager Gary Conte and Will Tackett director of Community Development.

Madera Residents had the opportunity to listen to the proposals of the final two applicants for cannabis retail licenses within the city Wednesday evening. 

Presenting to a near empty room, NMC Cal LLC. (dba Body and Mind) and OTC Madera LLC. (dba Off the Charts) presented their proposals via powerpoint to those overseeing the meeting, each other and a handful of others in attendance. Both had rescheduled from previous meetings for unknown reasons. With little public comment responding to the applicants, only the testimonial of several employees, the public meeting was short in comparison to the previous four. Neither group garnished any support or opposition from members of the community of the few who attended.


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