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Madera Tribune at the Madera Fair

For The Madera Tribune

Tyler Takeda of The Madera Tribune shows off a squishie at the Tribune’s booth during the Madera District Fair.


The Madera District Fair has come and gone, and so many of us had a great time. The Madera Tribune had a very lively booth, with a Spin the Wheel, in which every spin was a winner. We had promotional giveaway items that made the winners excited. We had squishies that looked like rolled up newspapers, bandage dispensers, pens, sunglasses, and buttons, as well as other toys and edibles. We had great fun!

The Tribune also had a great gift for each of our visitors who let us know they are a subscribers. A jar full of corks brought the attention of many who put in their names and phone numbers and ventured a guess of how many corks were in the jar. The correct guess had to be the exact number, but sadly there were no correct guesses. If you visit us at our booth at the Old Timers Parade, you may find the same jar there. We still have prizes to give away, so you may have another chance.

Thank you to all who visited our booth during the Madera District Fair!


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