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Madera fireworks celebration canceled

Madera Kiwanis and the City of Madera are saddened by the cancellation of this year’s Madera Firework Spectacular show at the Madera Fairgrounds.

During the emergency meeting Tuesday evening, the stakeholders were informed, almost at the very last minute, that the State Fire Marshall has pulled the permits of the pyrotechnic operator, Exposhows Inc., who was under contract with the Greater Madera Kiwanis Club.

Exposhows was also committed to an additional 16 cities throughout California. This made finding another pyrotechnic company extremely difficult on such short timeline.

The event stakeholders continue to support the event, and have chosen to roll over their donations into next year’s show. Rohi Zacharia, co-president of The Greater Madera Kiwanis Club, stated while the club will need to vote to decide if the organization will continue to take on this community event next year, Zacharia is hopeful they will.

Thank you to individuals, local businesses and other organizations for your support of this project.


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