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Madera commuters detoured from well-traveled routes

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

New sewer system upgrades are being installed throughout the city and has caused some detours in Madera City roads. Ellis Street is closed between D Street and Country Club Drive.


Commuters around the City of Madera are starting to see a lot of construction around town. Some of the construction is wrapping up, but some are just starting or getting extended.

The construction on Tozer Street is a sewer system upgrade. According to Madera City Manager Arnoldo Rodriguez, it has taken some time because the main is deep and is located immediately adjacent to the eastbound travel lane between Sunrise Avenue and Avenue 15.

Near Madera South High School, there is another sewer system upgrade on Pecan Avenue, east of Madera Avenue. The server line is approximately 15-feet deep and is part of the gas station construction on the corner of Madera Avenue and Pecan.

In addition to the upgrade, a new sewer and storm drain will be installed on Pecan Avenue between Highway 145 and Conrad Street. The road closure is expected to be about two weeks from last Monday.

Commuters trying to head to Ezekiel Tafoya-Alvarado Academy will notice a road closure on Ellis Street between D Street and Country Club drive. This is also because of a sewer system upgrade.

However, because the sewer is more than 15-feet deep, it will take some time to replace, in addition, the sewer line is situated directly in the middle of the Ellis Street pavement and the road has to be demolished and replaced. The amount of pavement to be demolished and replaced is estimated at 3,200 feet.

This construction also includes other off-site improvement and traffic signal equipment relocation as part of the subdivision at D and Ellis.

“This sewer represents a meaningful piece of pipe that will serve the extreme north side of Madera,” Rodriguez said.


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