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Lifetime Achievement recipient passes away

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune File Photo

Kay Rhoads.


The Madera community was hit hard by the passing of long-time contributor Kay Rhoads.

Rhoads recently retired from Peck’s Printery, a business she bought with her late husband.

The news of Rhoads passing reverberated around Madera and many sent out their condolences and memories of Rhoads.

The following is an excerpt from an article The Madera Tribune published about Rhoads’ retirement in August:

Madera has been home to Kay Rhoads most of her life, and she has given this community a great service.

Kay Rhoads is the owner of Peck’s Printery and co-founder of Friends of the Madera Animal Shelter. Her daughter, Velvet, says she is the only founder still in Madera.

Kay Rhoads has been a household name to the community of animal lovers.

Rhoads moved to Madera County from the Bay Area 49 years ago. She has loved the people here, and she has said that once you get to know the people and enjoy them, you can love the community.

When the former owners of Peck’s Printery retired, the Rhoads family bought the business. Rhoads was married to husband Gary for 50 years. When he died in 2011, Kay continued her service in Madera.

The couple had two daughters, Scarlet and Velvet. Scarlet lives in another city, and Velvet still works at Peck’s after 35 years. Kay and Velvet are active in Madera Rotary Club, and Kay has served as the club’s assistant governor, Rotary relays planner, and club president.

In 2017, Rhoads’ dedication led her to receive the Madera Chamber of Commerce’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and it will a well-deserved honor. She humbly accepted and gave others credit for it.

On July 15, a retirement party was held for Kay at The Vineyard Restaurant, for “20 Years of Service.” Her family and many friends attended and enjoyed congratulating her as they reminisced about what she has done for this community.

Rhoads was given a plaque from FMAS for her “Many years of service, dedication, and commitment as a volunteer, founding board member, and as treasurer to the FMAS Organization. The plaque also stated that, “Thousands of animals were saved because of you.”

Madera Rotary and FMAS partnered to form an annual Veterinary Medicine Scholarship of $1,000 in the name of Gillian Kay Rhoads.



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