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Letters: The Spirit of Christmas on Evergreen Place

In this Christmas Season of love and gratitude I would like to pay tribute and give thanks to my beloved friends; my neighbors on the Evergreen Place Cul-de-sac.

The Christmas spirit has thrived over the last 40 years. Each “home” is decorated with lights and frivolities. Our children grew up together. We have shared in each others’ joys and sorrows. My husband and I take nightly strolls past each house and recount our blessings.

A treasured tradition we’ve upheld over the years is our “ Manhole Party”. Each Christmas at noon we gather on the manhole and watch our families as they’ve grown and meet the new generations.

If you happen to drive through the lighted neighborhood I hope you will receive the Love of Christmas transmitted from each of our hearts.

Love to all my dear friends.

— Nadine Sagouspe,




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