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Letters: Supervisor disturbed by distortion of truth

I’m responding to a “Pulse” article in your June 1, 2024, Tribune edition written by Jim Glynn. Normally I would let a bizarre attack article go without comment but the content of this article was so egregious that I had to respond.

I don’t want any of the Tribune readers to think that Glynn’s article was even close to being accurate.

As an example, the comparison between the North Carolina 43 bed hospital and our local Madera Community Hospital is off base on many levels. For instance, the Emergency Rural Hospital Act has not funded one hospital to date across the U.S., and MCH would not qualify for a number of reasons. All that Glynn would have had to do is call me or friends of his on the hospital board and he would know the truth regarding whether or not we checked out this funding (we did). But that would not work well for his agenda.


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