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Letters: My open letter to Jim Costa

Mr. Congressman,

The question — do you represent the people of the 16th District or your Democrat Party? Parties are an association. The District has a soul. These are people you will negatively affect by helping your associate Democrats evolve, yes an evolution, into Socialism. Please join Senators Manchin and Sinema against the radical move towards Socialism that the Progressive Caucus intents.

Consider being a hero in this, not a follower.

The above paragraph is the condensed point of my Letter to Jim Costa. To be clear, we should all be open to Creative Evaluation, but the evaluation should be truthful and factual.

I take no pleasure in correcting anyone who would disagree with my point of view. But, sometimes the truth is more important than someone’s feelings.

In the Letter on Nov. 17, concerning my letter, I am quoted, within quotation marks, as having written, “Socialism bad, protect your grandchildren and mine, Congressman. Vote like Manchin and Senema. ”This arrangement of these words are nowhere in my letter. Worse, the word “Vote” is not even in my letter. My Letter asks Mr. Costa to “join” them against the “radical move toward socialism that the extreme Progressive caucus has as their primary intentions.”

If there is any fault on my part, I could have stated that the Build Back Better Bill in Congress is a tool by the Democrats to Socialize America. Any truthful person knows that, if, they are informed

The rest of his letter can stand on its own as not needing my letter as a point of focus. Although, parts seem awfully judgmental, almost Critical Theory thinking; looking for fault in places that mostly are not seriously important; like- “lives on a yacht and drives a Maserati.”

Thank you Madera Tribune for providing a way for our community to express their concerns and ideas. More should participate. Blessings to all!

— Jon Barsotti,



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