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Letters: MCH in a very tough situation

I am writing this to show my support for the CEO and the current board members of Madera Community Hospital. in the recent letter to The Madera Tribune (I will not mention the individuals name who wrote it) calls for the removal of the CEO and replacement of the current board members of the hospital. I honestly believe that this is not the opinion of many current residents of Madera and many former residents of Madera, such as myself. I was a resident of Madera for almost 50 years, have had many opportunities to use the services at Madera Community Hospital and always received top notch care from the facility. My first two grandkids were born there and also received outstanding care.

The CEO and current board members have shown a lot of concern for the care of the residents of the City of Madera and for the residents of the county. Many of them are longtime residents of the area and would never do anything to harm its residents. Throughout the years, there have been many movers and shakers in the Madera area that have diligently worked to ensure the success of the hospital with their tireless work and giving financial support to the hospital. Perhaps this individual, who criticized these dedicated members of the community and hospital staff, should look a little closer at what caused the problems the hospital encountered. It is a problem shared by many hospitals in communities throughout the state of California — many of them are also facing closure.

The failure of the State of California to properly reimburse hospitals for services rendered to the residents, legal or illegal, caused many issues for Madera Community and many other hospitals. I believe the state requires hospital to give care to all people, whether they can pay or not, or face consequences.


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