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Letters: It’s time to wake up, Madera

I am writing this letter to the citizens of Madera in the hope that you will WAKE UP and start paying attention to the mess that is at our Madera City Council.

After watching both the October 6 and October 20 meetings, it is clear to me that some on our city council have no idea what they are doing or how to do it. The mayor of our city has no regards for Roberts Rules of Order and belittles anyone who has a different view than his own. I would hope there are some on the council who know Roberts Rules of Order. If not, maybe the City’s lawyer can give all members a hard copy?

At the October 6 meeting, more than one person flip flopped on their votes during discussion on more than one agenda item. The same questions were asked by more than one council member on the same item, so my question would be: Do you read your agendas? If you do, and have questions on agenda items, are you reaching out to the city manager or department head to get answers to those questions before the meeting? Some council members seem to be unprepared for their meeting or are not listening to staff when they answer the question the first time. The city’s own lawyer stated at the October 6 meeting that the city council needs governance training. After seeing how the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem run a meeting, that is true!

Then the October 20 meeting, what a train wreck this session was. The mayor pro tem could not run this meeting at all. While watching this meeting the city clerk and city’s lawyer seemed to be running this meeting. I am sure Councilman Villegas is a nice person, but he cannot — and should not — run another meeting until he goes through governance training along with Mayor Garcia. To let the city clerk and the city’s lawyer run a meeting is not only uncalled for, but should not EVER happen.

The current 3-3 split on the council will hopefully be broken with the election in District 5. Everyone in District 5 should pay close attention to both candidates and vote wisely, as the mayor is sending our city in a precarious direction. I advise not only the citizens in District 5, but all citizens of Madera to WAKE UP and either attend meetings in person or on Zoom.

— Brent Fernandes,


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