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Letters: Is there voter fraud in Madera?

On the morning of Wednesday October 13, about 9:30 a.m., my doorbell rang. I answered it to find a young Hispanic man standing outside the door. He did not introduce himself but immediately told me that he was here to “help me fill out my ballot for the City Council election.” I told him that I have been voting for over 65 years and did not need assistance. I then ask him who he represents and he told me “Elsa Mejia.”

I live in the Barsotti Tract of Madera — a nice neighborhood community — and asked him if he thought anyone here needed his assistance to mark ballots. He immediately left, but left me wondering if the Mejia campaign is orchestrating a possible voter fraud by filling out unknown persons’ ballots to make sure the “right” candidate is elected.

I immediately sent an email to the Elections Department, reporting the incident, but have had no response yet.

Fortunately, I had not marked my ballot yet, but decided to support and encourage others to vote for MATILDA Villafan, who has a very superior educational background and ability to make intelligent decisions for the betterment of the city of Madera and its citizens.

— J. Gordon Kennedy,



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