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Letters: Division in this country

I have to say that as a Conservative American, I am literally stunned by the content of the letter submitted to the Tribune by Chuck Wieland. Perhaps I can also say that I was disgusted and disappointed.

I have known Chuck for many years and have always had the utmost amount of respect for him. He was a successful attorney and judge, and raised a great family. However, I find his comments about supporters of Donald Trump have really stumped me that he could sink so low in his criticism. To use the descriptions such as “Bizarro World cult minions,” “MAGA mob,” “Walking Dead enablers,” and stating “they wouldn’t qualify for local high school debate teams” is just beyond me.

Why? Just because people have different beliefs and don’t choose to follow the same political party or candidate as you? To question someone’s intelligence over something like that is foolish, at best.


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