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Letters: Biden loses to Trump

Liberals are fuming! Not long after becoming President, Joe Biden famously said three words regarding Trump’s southern border wall: “Not another foot.” Now it looks like Biden is being forced to eat his own words; it has been discovered that the Biden administration is secretly building the border wall near Yuma, Arizona. Border crossings are at an all time high there.

According to Fox, Biden’s new plan includes closing four major gaps in the wall that makes Yuma the busiest corridor for illegal border crossings. At Yuma’s border sector, border patrol agents have already stopped a whopping 160,000 illegals since January.

Biden’s decision to secure certain parts of the border wall comes after Democrat Senator Mark Kelly urged Biden to do something about the wall because too many illegals are entering his state.

Of course Biden’s stomach should hurt, he has had to eat so many of his words.

— Frank Bradford,



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