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Letters: Best thing that ever happened to me

I recently read an article in our hometown newspaper posthumously honoring three longtime Maderans; two native Maderans and a third here long enough to be grand mothered in. All having contributed to the Madera community during their lifetimes and very deserving of the recognition. I’m sure there are more native Maderans who would deserve such recognition, their names and contributions lost over the passage of time. 

I would like to add a fourth name to the Tribune’s list. My bias may show, but after recently losing my wife of 50 years I undertook the inevitable quiet contemplation of her life. I came to realize just how much I underestimated what a wonderful person she was and of her impact, both within our own family, and in the community, as a whole. 

Norma Gardini Hickman passed away on Dec. 29, 2023. She was two months shy of her 93rd birthday. In Norma’s case, age really was just a number. Even at 92 she was still energetic and regularly volunteered at the St. Marello Bookstore at St Joachim Church. 


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