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Letter: God help our country

I personally want to thank Frank Bradford for his Letter to the Editor titled, “The Decline of a Nation,” published in your February 17 edition of the paper. Frank said the exact same thing that millions of Americans believe; that the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are doing a job on American citizens. I just hope he doesn’t get silenced by the left as many of Americans have been.

Joe Biden lied to the public when campaigning, saying he had a plan to control the virus, then after he was elected he said there was nothing we can do to control it. He lied when he said he would not ban fracking, he did say at times he would not and other times he said he would, so believe what you want to.

He has already signed executive orders to reverse a number of former President Donald Trump’s policies, when those policies were good ones and actually contributed to a great economy and record low unemployment. As Frank said, he has gotten us back into the Paris Climate Accord at a cost of 2 trillion dollars, when the leading polluters are contributing nothing.

He has done a tremendous amount of damage to women with his decision to withhold federal funding for any school that does not allow transgender athletes to compete in sports. I do believe in transgender rights, just not when it involves them competing against biological females in sporting events.

Biden has tried to open our borders to ILLEGAL immigrants when we have a huge homeless problem that needs to be addressed. Allowing them to come in with no COVID screening and has tied the hands of the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE. He and the Democratic party will continue on this campaign as long as American citizens allow it. There have already been a number of states rejecting his orders, taking control of their own people and doing what is best for their residents. We need to speak up and don’t allow the Democrats to get their way.

We have another election in two years that, hopefully, American citizens will rally and vote to undo this attack on us.

Another great point he made was about Kamala Harris. As residents of California you must all remember that she was part of the Jerry Brown regime, that practically destroyed your state with its policies and governing.

The only bad thing about getting rid of Biden is that she will take over, God help our country if this ever happens.

— John Wright,

Former resident of Madera,

Meridian, Idaho


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