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‘Learning Explosion’ propelling MUSD

Courtesy of George Garnica/Madera Unified School District

Angelica Bravo, third-grade teacher at Monroe Elementary, assists student Eder Luna with a math problem.


Educators from coast to coast are trying to determine what is going on in Madera Unified.

When comparing student performance in 2023 with that of 2022, the single year achievement growth in reading and math has broken all records.

MUSD is joining districts across the country in administering the North West Education Association (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress three times a year. In this way, millions of children from across the nation are compared in terms of their achievement and the speed with which they are progressing over time. It is this second category that is really raising eyebrows. A look at results from James Monroe’s third grade illustrates the point.


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