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For The Madera Tribune

The first real order of business after Madera’s incorporation dealt with the saloon question.


On March 23, 1907, the voters went to the polls in Madera, and by the end of the day the people had spoken. Madera would be incorporated.

The Madera Mercury called it a “Great Victory.” Of the 417 citizens who voted, 273 cast ballots in favor of incorporation, and 144 voted in the negative. The people also chose J.G. Roberts, E.M. McCardle, Dr. J.L. Butin, C.W. Wagner, and J.R. Richardson as city trustees (City Council). William Utter was elected without opposition as City Clerk, and Ray Northern nailed down the job of Madera’s first Town Marshal, defeating D.S. Lewis and E. Briggs. 

The results of the election were forwarded to Sacramento, and on March 27, 1907, the California Secretary of State declared that as of that date, Madera was incorporated.


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