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Horseshoe league paints park fences

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Members of the Big Valley Horseshoe League volunteer to paint the fencing and repair the horse pits at Rotary Park.


The sound of spray painting and sanding could be heard last week as members of the Big Valley Horseshoe League painted the fence at the Rotary Park Horseshoe Pitching Complex.

The courts were originally built in 2000, and after 17 years, the iron fence was in need of repair.

In cooperation with the Madera Parks and Community Service Department, the Big Valley Horseshoe League supplied the manpower and labor to refurbish and paint the entire fence.

Gary McKinley, owner of Quality Painting, and members of the league provided his team of professional painters the supplies and equipment to complete the task. About 20 league players also worked all day to complete the project.

Big Valley Horseshoe League President, Harlen Rippetoe, was pleased to see the courts updated with a new coat of paint.

Rippetoe formed the lead in 2000 to promote horseshoe pitching. There are 12 10-person teams that play during the spring and fall months at the Rotary Park complex.

Madera park manager, Hector Sanchez visited the park during the work day and was pleased to see the work in progress.

“This is a great example of cooperation between the league and city to keep the horseshoe complex in good repair,” Sanchez said.

The horseshoe pitching complex is open to any Madera resident and is available to any group who utilizes Rotary Park.

The Big Valley horseshoe league will began its fall season on Aug 10. Any person wishing to participate can contact the Madera Parks Department or Rippetoe at 871-9504.


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