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Grady Wilburn — the rest of the story

For The Madera Tribune

Albert Wilburn.


Last week, we visited the Grady Wilburn family as they moved from Texas to Madera. Young Albert Wilburn was only six years old and in the first grade. As things turned out, given the move and lost time in school, he had to repeat the first grade, but that was the last time he would ever have trouble in school. By the time he was in Ms. Huarte’s sixth grade class at James Monroe School, he was at the top of the class.

Just like almost every other 6th grader in Madera, Albert went to Thomas Jefferson Junior High and then to Madera High School. It was here that it became obvious to everyone that Albert Wilburn was destined to make Madera proud — very proud.

The pride that Madera had in Albert was expressed in the January 23rd issue of The Madera Tribune. The article was entitled, “Al Wilburn Wins Election,” and went as follows:


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