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Flag dedication held for Perez room

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Herman Perez donates a portrait to remember and honor all veterans during a ceremony at Remnant Church on Thursday.


A program was held to dedicate a framed portrait of a flag with symbols of America, honoring American veterans.

Former Madera Mayor and community leader Herman Perez purchased the portrait to be hung in the conference room at the new complex in Madera’s new Esperanza Village, on the southwest corner of C and 6th streets. The complex has 48 units, and is affordable housing with a focus on housing low-income families and veterans. The conference room in the complex was named in Perez’s honor, as the Herman Perez Community Room.

Thursday’s program was hosted by American Veterans Assistance. Debi Bray of the Madera Chamber of Commerce welcomed everyone in attendance at Remnant Church, and thanked them for honoring Mr. Perez and veterans by attending the ceremony. She then introduced Ed Rosen, who led the invocation.


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