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Danny Sauceda bringing Hollywood to Madera

For The Madera Tribune

Falcon Pictures’ Danny Sauceda, right, with State of Consciousness writer/director Marcus Spencer and gaffer Juan Herrera at the movie’s premiere on February 15 at Madera Movies.


Madera’s Danny Sauceda, after 10 years of driving his son, Chance Falcon, to and from Los Angeles for numerous auditions thought it was time to start his own production company, and he did — Falcon Pictures.

In February, Sauceda and Falcon Pictures hosted a red carpet premiere for “State of Consciousness,” a full-length thriller that is the first to be produced by Falcon Pictures.

“It’s been a process to get it done,” Sauceda said. “It took a total of 2-and-a-half years through COVID. We had people all over the country put their hands on it. People think you film it and it comes out tomorrow. It’s a process that I’m learning. When you finally get it to where you want it, you have to get music involved, clean up audio, add color. I was watching the movie and saw the credits of people I didn’t know. It’s a process and takes money. You have to pay people to do stuff. We had a little budget for it. We made a really good movie. I saw it and impressed with it.”


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