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Court adjusts to COVID numbers

Exercising the authority granted under Government Code section: 68115 and the Jan. 18 order of Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Chair of the Judicial Council of California, issued in response for the Jan. 14 request for an emergency order made by the Superior Court of Madera County, this court finds and orders as follows:

1. On order of the presiding judge, or his designee, session of this court may be held anywhere in the county, including correction and juvenile detention facilities from Jan. 23-Feb. 21.

2. In cases in which the original or previously extended statutory deadline otherwise would expire from Jan. 23-Feb. 21, inclusive, any judge of the court may extend the time period provided in section 1382 of the Penal Code for the holding of a criminal trial by not more than 30 days.

Additionally, in compliance with Senate Bill 241 regarding remote appearances in civil proceedings, this court hereby finds and orders as follows:

3.That items 6 and 12 of this court’s 31st General Order, dated June 18, 2021, shall be governed by the provisions of Senate Bill 241.

This order is effective immediately and any provision of the 31st General Order not amended heron remains in effect.

From the Judicial Council of the State of California

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to health and safety concerns resulting in substantial operational impediments, and the proclamations of states of emergency by federal, state, and local officials, it was determined on 22 prior occasions that the conditions described in Government Code section 68115(a) were met with regard to the Superior Court of California, County of Madera Court.

Based on those determinations, and pursuant to the Court’s requests, corresponding emergency orders issued, authorizing the Court to implement certain relief under Government Code section 68115. Upon the renewed request of Presiding Judge Ernest J. LiCalsi, it is now determined that the conditions described in section 68115(a) continue to exist.


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