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Council announces Women of the Year

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera City Council members gather with their Women of the Year recipients, from left, District 3 councilman Steve Montes and his recipient, Mona Davie. District 4 councilwoman Anita Evans and her recipient, Lucy Salazar, District 1 councilwoman Cece Gallegos and her recipient, Kathy Nishimoto, Mayor Santos Garcia and his recipient, Alisha Brown, District 5 councilwoman Elsa Mejia and her recipient, Leonor Hipolito, District 2 councilman Jose Rodriguez and Sarah Mendez-Lemon who accepted the award on behalf of her mom, Mattie Mendez, and District 6 recipient Matilda Maravilla who received the award from councilman Artemio Villagas.


Madera City Councilmember Cece Gallegos introduced five women last year as her City of Madera Women of the Year and urged her fellow council members to honor one this year.

This year’s Women of the Year were unveiled at the City Council Meeting on March 15 in conjunction with Women’s History Month.

Earning honors were Kathy Nishimoto (from Gallegos, District 1), Mattie Mendez (from Jose Rodriguez, District 2), Mona Davie (Steve Montes, District 3), Lucy Salazar (Anita Evans, District 4), Leonor Hipolito (Elsa Mejia, District 5) and Alisha Brown (Mayor Santos Garcia).


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