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City manager contracts sewer repair

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Work is still being done at the intersection of Granada Drive and Avenue 13 for the city’s main sewer line. The line is pumping more than 5 million gallons of sewage daily. City manager Arnoldo Rodriguez said the construction will take about a month.


Madera City Manager Arnoldo Rodriguez informed the Madera City Council at last week’s meeting about the emergency repairs at Avenue 13 and Granada Drive.

He contracted with Floyd Johnston Construction to map out a plan of action and begin repairing the line.

“The City engaged FJC under Public Contract Code section 22050, which allows Council to authorize the City Manager to enter into contracts for emergency work without engaging in competitive bidding,” said a summary from the January 18 board meeting. “This allowed the contractor to start work on this project immediately. Funds for the sewer repairs are included in the City’s Fiscal Year 2022/23 Sewer Budget.  FJC immediately began replacing approximately 77 linear feet of sewer line and repairing the roadway.”

Four pumps have combined to pump nearly 5 million gallons of sewage daily into the alternate route. The cost of the current repair is almost $400,000, which will be covered under a $5 million grant the city received from the state budget. Also, the project received $3.5 million funding from Jim Costa and the Consolidations Appropriations Act.

In addition, pump rental cost the city $15,000 and traffic control was $35,000. The cost for street repairs, PG&E, railroad lines, etc. have still not been determined.

The action was approved by the council and the construction will be completed this summer.

Transportation funding

The Council also approved an amendment to utilize public transportation, modernization, improvement and service enhancement funds for projects within the city transit and fleet maintenance sections.

The city originally received $5.4 million in PTMISEA funds and federal funds to help finance the construction of the Madera Transit Center. There was a remaining balance of $839,556. The proposed projects include preventive maintenance, vehicle procurement, fixed route amenities, facility improvements to the center and facility modernization to the Madera Intermodal Center.

Cannabis applications

The council also received an update of the Cannabis Program. There were 30 applications filed. All but one of the applicants received 90 percent or higher on the scoring system used.

The top 18 advanced to Phase 3. Any non-qualifying applicants may appeal the decision. Three appeals were received by the deadline. The appeals process must be completed before Phase 3 may commence.

In Phase 3, applicants will present their applications at two meetings and receive input from residents, businesses and other interested parties.

The council will award Standard Cannabis and Social Equity permits after Phase 3 is complete.

MCH response

The Madera City Council helped give Rodriguez direction with the closure of Madera Community Hospital.

The council mentioned the declaration by Madera County Office of Emergency Services Director and Sheriff Tyson Pogue of a State of Emergency and also the one issued by Fresno County.

“Understanding the immediate risk to public health and safety, staff recommended that Council consider adopting a Resolution supporting the County’s declaration of a Local State of Emergency. Madera County Board of Supervisors authorized their Chief Administrative Officer to begin evaluating potential options for future hospital-level medical care,” read the council summary.

“Staff requested direction from Council on participating in a joint evaluation of potential options with Madera County and further requested that the City Manager be authorized to allocate staff time and monetary resources within his established authority to partner with Madera County on this endeavor.”

In laymen’s terms, the council authorized Rodriguez to join the County in exploratory efforts to help find a solution to the closure of MCH.


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