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City Council approves utility payment and district border changes

In addition to listening to several update reports, and recognizing February as Black History Month, Madera City Council members approved several changes regarding district borders and utility payment schedule, but were divided over language of a Palestinian ceasefire proclamation.

In the regularly scheduled meeting held downtown on  February 7, on behalf of the City of Madera and the City Council, Mayor Santos Garcia presented Ella May Williams a proclamation in celebration of Black History Month. Since 1976, February has been designated in recognition of the rich history and significant contributions made by African Americans to the betterment of society as a whole. 

In a brief report given by Madera County Supervisor Alicia Gonzalez, Council also held the fourth public hearing for community input regarding the annexation of property, including the Villages at Almond Grove and redrawing district boundaries as needed to include the new annexation. Following guideline criteria requiring the property to be annexed to the nearest existing district, the annexation will soon be joining the rest of District 1, represented by Cece Gallegos.


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