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Cheryl Stofle’s double whammy

The news was frightening for Cheryl Stofle. Her doctor said she had a growth on her thyroid. Anxiety quickly built over this attack on the butterfly-shaped gland in her neck.

After all, the thyroid was one of her endocrine glands, which made hormones. It controlled the rate of many activities in her body, such as how fast she burned calories and how fast her heart beat. Then there was always the threat of cancer; was this growth malignant?

Cheryl had been referred to an EN&T specialist at the beginning of 2012 for an examination of her thyroid, and the diagnosis was hypothyroidism. An ultrasound revealed the growth, so she had a biopsy. To her relief, it was benign.

Then, a few months later they performed a follow up ultrasound, and to Cheryl’s alarm, they found a second growth. She would have to have a second biopsy, with all of the anxiety it would entail. Again, it was benign.

This gave Cheryl a measure of relief — temporarily. So there were two growths on her thyroid. Was this a sign of things to come? How many more growths would sprout up on that gland in her throat, and would they all be benign?

Cheryl didn’t know the answer to these concerns, but she did know where she would go for help. She looked upward for healing. It was “Battle on.”

She read the Bible and, by faith, declared that she had been healed. She prayed and was prayed for. Then she got a lift in her search for healing from two sources.

The first came in the form of a Facebook post by Tom Terry, Pastor of Faith Alive Fellowship in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, which among other beliefs, teaches divine healing.

The second was a book recommended to her by her pastor, “True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond.” This revival is considered by historians to be the primary catalyst for the spread of Pentecostalism in the 20th century.

From Terry’s post and the book on Azuza Street, Cheryl received a burst of spiritual energy. For her, the testimonies were “awesome, uplifting, and encouraging.”

Then on Nov. 3, 2013, Cheryl experienced a healing breakthrough. She was in church and during the service, her pastor announced that he had received a message for someone in the congregation. He called it a “word of knowledge.” The pastor said that someone was dealing with knots in the front area of the neck.

Recognizing that the message was for her, she went forward for prayer. As the pastor prayed for her, she felt the “presence of God — so sweet, so peaceful.” After the pastor prayed for her, a fellow congregant told Cheryl that she also had received a sign that she had been miraculously healed. Now it was time for the medical community to join in that confirmation.

Twenty-two days later, Cheryl was scheduled for another ultrasound of her thyroid. A few days after the procedure Cheryl received a call from the doctor. It was a little strange because usually she went in person for test results. When she answered the phone, she understood why they called. The doctor had good news that couldn’t wait. She was told a review of her ultra sound revealed that no growths were found on her thyroid! They were both gone!

Cheryl’s response was “Yay God — that’s the God I love and serve and trust. To God be the glory.”

Today Cheryl Stofle remains free of any growths on her thyroid, and between tears of joy, she remains delightfully grateful.


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