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Cedar Creek residents to celebrate 65th Valentine’s Day

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Glen and Jeanette Hunt will celebrate their first Valentine’s Day at Cedar Creek, and their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21.


Glen and Jeanette Hunt have been at Cedar Creek for only a few months, and are still in somewhat of a transition. On March 21, they will have been married for 65 years.

The couple met each other while they were both in high school, but not attending the same school. Glen said, “Jeanette’s cousin, Bob, and I were in Boys Foods in our senior year. The teacher’s name was Ida Mae Crumpacker.” He went on to explain that and he and Bob were always laughing and having fun in the class. Mrs. Crumpacker would send the group to the office. Glen reminisced about several times when he and Bob would get in trouble and also get others in the class in trouble.

Glen and Bob became good friends. Bob was from a big Midwestern family, and Jeanette was one of his cousins. One day he said to Glen, “I think you need to meet my cousin.” So, Bob took Glen to a family get-together, and there Glen met Jeanette.


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