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Business owner gives away cases of water

For The Madera Tribune

Togo’s Sandwiches owner Jose Carrillo shows off a full truck of water that he donated Tuesday to every elementary school in Madera Unified School District. He donated at least 25 cases of water to each school.


Madera’s Togo’s Sandwiches owner Jose Carrillo is so appreciative of what he has gotten that he is happy to give it away.

Last week, Carrillo delivered at least 25 cases of water to every elementary school in the Madera Unified School District.

“Ripperdan got 40 cases because I didn’t know they went up to 12th grade,” Carrillo said. “James Monroe got 35 and Washington got 35.”

Carrillo who recently gave away assortment boxes of fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday and gift cards for a Random Act of Kindness event, was moved when he heard the schools shut off the water fountains because of COVID-19 and some students were walking home in the heat without water.

Carrillo filled up a box truck with water and got a workout delivering to every school on Tuesday.

“I was hurting Wednesday,” Carrillo said. “I went home and knocked out. I skipped the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Carrillo surprised the schools with his delivery while most were expecting five or six cases, they were even more thankful when he dropped off what he did.

“Most of the teachers were excited,” he said. “The principals were out there helping out and taking pictures. They were thankful, shocked and liked it. It was all a surprise. It was unexpected and nobody knew.

“When I approached the school, I would introduce myself and say myself and other business owners got together to donate some cases of water. They were thankful. They loved it. They were shocked because it wasn’t like four or five cases of water.”

However, Carrillo isn’t done. He hopes to drop off more cases this week and hopes to reach 50 cases per school, enough for every student.

“I told them there’s more coming,” Carrillo said. “This is just the first load. There should be another round of water.”

Carrillo is proud of what he has accomplished as a business owner and is doing his part to spread the wealth. Also, the reactions from the recipients is priceless.

“Ever since I started, the reaction and feelings are the reasons why I keep wanting to do this,” he said.

Carrillo is already preparing for his next delivery. He is also accepting donations at Togo’s Sandwiches. He received about $400 from the public, which is enough to purchase an additional pallet of water.

“I already have four pallets waiting for me,” he said. “I’m going to do more this week. I think I’m going to do another round, but include the junior highs and the high schools. It’s just ben the elementary schools. We’re going to include the charter schools, too.”

Carrillo would like to thank Midland Tractor, MGM Construction, Waffle Spot, Grocery Outlet, and many friends and customers for their support of his project. Carrillo would also like to thank Milca and Esther Arreola and Harminder Singh Gill for helping him unload the waters.


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