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Battle of the Books returns to Madera

Elementary school students throughout Madera County will battle it out during the second annual Madera County Battle of the Books.

Students from 10 elementary schools in Madera County will meet at Stone Creek Elementary School on Saturday to answer questions based on a list of 20 books that each team is responsible to read. There will be separate 3rd-4th grade and 5th-6th grade competitions.

Students will compete in three events throughout the day: Friendly Family Feud, Relay Race, and Super Challenge.

During the Friendly Family Feud, teams will work together to answer specific questions one team at a time. If a team provides an incorrect answer, the opposing team will be able to steal and answer the question to earn points.

In the Relay Race, students will run to a proctor and answer a question one student at a time. Once one team attempts to answer all 24 questions the relay is done and scores will be tabulated.

The Super Challenge is a speed test. All teams will compete against each other at the same time. They will have a buzzer and the first team to buzz in will have an opportunity to answer the question first. 

The top three teams in each grade level will compete in a final championship round to determine the overall winning teams for each grade level.

The answer to every question is the title of a book and includes a bonus question if the correct answer is provided. The bonus question is the author’s name.

Battle of the Books is a national competition designed to support students in their love and discovery of reading by introducing them to quality literature.

The event will see 147 students from 17 teams battling for the championship title. Participating schools are: Eastin-Arcola Elementary, Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy, Fairmead Elementary, La Vina Elementary, North Fork Elementary, Rivergold Elementary, Ronald Reagan Elementary, Sherman Thomas STEM Academy, Spring Valley Elementary, and Stone Creek Elementary Schools.

“We are excited to continue Battle of the Books in Madera County,” said Dr. Cecilia Massetti, Madera County Superintendent of Schools. “The questions the students answer requires teamwork to communicate their knowledge of the books they have read, and encourages student collaboration, promotes reading and demonstrates excellence in a fun and engaging environment.”

The first, second, and third place teams will receive a team trophy and individual medals. Ribbons will be awarded for the first-third place teams in each event. An awards ceremony will be held at 12:30 p.m., immediately following the grand challenge competitions. The Grand Challenge competitions begin at 11:40 a.m.

For information, contact Kristi Winter, Coordinator, Student Events for Madera County Superintendent of Schools, at 662-3873 or



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