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All-Tribune Boys Soccer Team

The Madera Tribune File Photo

Madera’s Elmer Garcia (15) earned First Team All-County/Metro Athletic Conference honors and received All-Madera Tribune Boys Soccer team selection.


The Madera Tribune has been publishing the All-Tribune teams for the past 10 years. While the other teams are put together, this reporter’s worst sport to judge is soccer. It would not be respectful to the players or coaches to think this reporter can understand the game. Thus, we have put together a team based on All-League status and invited their coaches to give a brief statement about them. Madera is written by head coach Nic Landeros, Madera South by head coach Enrique Garcia and Liberty by head coach Jeff Clark.

The Team

Edgar Arvizu

Senior Madera South, All-League: County/Metro Athletic Conference First Team

“Edgar was our four-year player. He had four goals this season and assisted eight. Struggled with COVID-19 for 2-3 weeks in the first half of league. Edgar was a vital part of our midfield. His playing experience and time in our program helped teach our younger players what we are looking for in years to come.”

Julian Nevarez

Soph. Madera South, All-League: CMAC 1st Team

“Julian was our most consistent player in the back this season. Second year on varsity and has capped over 40 games for us as a starter is very impressive. He has earned the respect from his team and is becoming a leader on this team.”

Raul Arzola

Junior Madera South, All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

“With our team struggling to get goals this season, there was a lot of pressure on Raul this season. As a junior there were high expectations and Raul was able to do his part. Raul was able to get in 15 goals and four assists this season and is close to becoming our top goal scorer in school history next season and pass Christian Garcia.” Arzola is a three-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Chris Zavala

Frosh Madera South, All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

“Freshman Chris Zavala had some big shoes to fill this year and, boy, did this kid deliver. Brother of Arturo Zavala (section and regional champion), Chris came in with pressure of a legacy but knew that nothing was going to be handed to him. He was very impressive as a midfielder and capped over 20 games this season. At times, we had to remember that he is young and it was his first year in our program, but we are looking forward to what he can bring next season.”

Ricardo Rangel

Junior Madera South, All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

“Ricardo is a player that every coach would love in their program. Ricky plays as a true winger, but due to injuries, we had to move him to a outside back. He never complained and took our criticism. Ricky only got better as the season went forward and had a huge smile on his face. He is a true definition of a team player and I look forward for his season year.”

Bryan Oseguera

Junior Madera South, All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

“With our defense all juniors and a sophomore, it’s tough to find leadership and experience. Bryan has also been a huge help in the back line. Filling in last season, he had to fill some big shoes and our alum are all proud of what this kid has done. He is a leader for this team and when we are in a bad situation, he is the first one to try to pick us up and get us back in rhythm.”

Elmer Garcia

Senior Madera, All-League: CMAC 1st Team

“Elmer Garcia is a four-year varsity player and two-year team captain. He is one of the most recognizable players in the CMAC with two-time All-CMAC first-team honors. Led the team in assist this year with 11. Elmer will join FC Odisea in August after graduation.” Garcia is a two-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Alex Segovia

Senior Madera, All-League: CMAC 1st Team

“Segovia was the heart and soul of our defense this year. He is a three-year varsity player earning All-CMAC first-team honors. He is a very physical center back that also has the ability to read the game in front of him. He started 22 of 23 games this season.”

Joad Enriquez-Blanco

Junior Madera, All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

“Joad had a breakout season this year. He had six goals and three assists this year. He scored a first-half hat trick against San Joaquin Memorial. A very shifty player with a great amount of creativity in the attacking third of the field.”

Leonel Marquez

Senior Madera, All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

“Leonel was another key player in our back line. A very big and strong centerback with the ability to win most aerial duels.”

Jesse Cuevas

Junior Madera, All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

“Jesse earned second-team All-CMAC honors because of his play during the time Chris Arias was out with a concussion. He made many massive saves for us to keep us in games. He definitely worked hard and got better every day throughout the course of the season. We’re expecting a huge senior season for him.

Adrian Alvarado

Junior Madera, All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

“Adrian Alvarado became a very important player for us throughout the course of the season. As a very physical defender, he became an important part of our success this season. He earned second-team All-CMAC honors and we are expecting a big senior season from him.”

Dylan Castro

Senior Madera, All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

“Dylan had a lingering injury that sidelined him for most of the year. Despite the injury, he finished the season with four goals and four assists. Dylan scored the game-winner against Madera South in the second round of CMAC” Castro also earned All-Madera Tribune honors last season.

Diego Da Rocha

Senior Madera, All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

“Diego is one of the most underrated midfielders in the CMAC. He has the ability to control and dictate the tempo of the game in the middle of the park. He has a very large skill set that allows him to have an extremely high passing completion percentage.”

Noah Clark

Senior Liberty, All-League: North Sequoia League 1st Team

“Noah is the keeper that saves goals when they shouldn’t be saved. He grew in his position every year. He is a true leader in every aspect of the game. He loves the sport and the position more than anything that he has ever pursued in life. It is a pleasure to watch him play.” Clark also earned an All-Tribune selection after the 2020 Liberty Hawks soccer season.

Chris Murillo

Junior Liberty, All-League: NSL 2nd Team

“Chris is a very explosive striker. He has a very strong left-footed shot and he is very unpredictable. Chris was one of the leaders of our team.”

Zain Wani

Junior Liberty, All-League: NSL 2nd Team

“Zain is a very versatile player. He plays well in virtually every position that we place him in. He has a strong presence on the field.”



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