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All-Madera Tribune Girls Volleyball Team

Most Valuable Player

Jazlynn Vargas

Senior OH Madera South

Vargas was easily the best player in Madera, hands down. She could do it all, and do it all at a high level. Even with a sore shoulder, which she had earlier in the year, she was probably the best libero in the area. However, she left that for Diana Moreno and did her work attacking the opposing teams. She became the go-to hitter for North Yosemite League co-Coach of the Year Travis McEwoen and did everything at a high level. She hit well, she hit smart, she blocked, she served nails and passed well. Vargas stepped in nicely for last year’s MVP, Veronica Ramirez, and set her apart from every other player. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune recipieint and earned a first team All-NYL selection this season.

The Team

Elissa Escobar

Senior Setter Madera South

Escobar came into the season in her second season as the team’s setter. She got better and better as the season went on. She controlled the offense and helped Vargas to an MVP season. Not only was she nails setting the ball, but she was a very good server and was a leader on the court. “Mickey” also loved getting the occasional kill showing off her signature flexing celebration. Escobar was a first team All-NYL selection.

Dane Prudente

Junior OH Madera South

Prudente is one of those players that opposing coaches can’t wait for her to graduate. She has been a thorn in their side for the past three seasons and hopes to carry on what Ramirez did last year and what Vargas did this year. McEowen had Prudente play opposite of Vargas to maximize their effect on the match. When Vargas was in the back row, Escobar had Prudente to go to and vice versa. Prudente is a three-time All-Madera Tribune recipient and earned second team All-NYL honors.

Anna Kajitani

Senior Opposite Madera South

Kajitani was the unsung player for the Stallions. When Prudente or Vargas got the focus from opponents, Escobar had Kajitani on the other side, and she delivered. She showed her experience as a senior after a year of playing time as a junior. Kajitani earned second team All-NYL honors.

Diana Moreno

Junior Libero Madera South

Moreno became one of the best liberos in the area. She got to plenty of balls by reading the hitters and playing the angles. Even though she was known to trip over her own feet at times, she got to many hits and saved the Madera South defense. I think she was shunned when it came to first team honors because there wasn’t a better libero in the NYL. Also, she transitioned from being the junior varsity team’s setter to becoming the varsity team’s defensive specialist. She earned a second team all-NYL nod.

Aliyah Garcia

Junior MB Madera

One of the two trees for Madera, she is one of three hitters that will return for head coach Meghan Haas next season. With another year of coaching from Haas, you can predict Garcia will have an even better season last year. She was a second team All-County/Metro Athletic Conference selection.

Zariah Bryant

Senior OH Madera

She was the glue person for Haas. She did whatever Haas needed, whether it was a clutch serve, an attack or a block. Whenever there was a Madera highlight, a lot of times, Bryant’s fingerprints could be seen on the play. She has been a solid player for Haas for the past three seasons.

Emily Lopez

Junior MB-DS Madera

Lopez is one of the rare players with the defensive mindset and the athletic ability of a middle blocker and a defensive specialist, showing the same mindset she uses as the goalkeeper for the girls soccer team. There were times where Haas played Lopez just in the back row for defense. However, later in the season, Lopez improved in both areas that she was one of two players (Bryant) to play all-around for Haas.

Taylor Toschi

Senior Libero Liberty

Toschi had to step into the big shoes left by last year’s Tribune Defensive Player of the Year, Allyx Feretta, and filled them fine. She earned plenty of experience from plenty of playing time last year and used that experience to be in the right place at the right time this year for the Hawks. She earned second team All-Northwest Sequoia Conference honors.

Karsyn Bauer

Junior MB Liberty

Bauer became the go-to hitter for the Hawks, who were pretty young this year. Bauer stepped up to become the leading hitter and blocker with a few other players helping out. There wasn’t a big-time player for the Hawks, but Bauer did what she could to fill that void. And, volleyball isn’t even her best sport. She was The Madera Tribune’s Co-Pitcher of the Year for the softball team and is a two-time member of the All-Madera Tribune softball team. She has another year to lead the Hawks to a better season. She was a second team All-NWSC selection.

Alexis Barriga

Senior MB Matilda Torres

She has been the go-to player for the young Toros for the past two seasons. She is the tallest player on the team, but she was also the hardest hitter and the team leaned on her for the key kill and the clutch serve. She came through most of the time and earned the respect of the NYL coaches. Barriga set a high bar for the rest of the Toros to reach as she was part of the first group of seniors at Torres. She was named first team All-NYL.

Bryance Gonzalez

Junior MB Matilda Torres

Although she is shorter than Barriga, her hops got her over the net better than Barriga. She began to assert herself as the second-best hitter for the Toros. She will be counted on to lead the Toros next season, who have quite of bit of weapons returning. She was an NYL honorable mention this season.



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