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All-Madera Tribune Girls Basketball Team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

A pair of All-Madera Tribune team members battling each other. Madera’s Aasyria Goins tries to defend Madera South’s Jonese Feliu as she drives to the hoop.


The Team

Ryhnne Mitchell, Guard Fr. Madera

Talk about making a name for herself early. Mitchell was one of those players that threw herself everywhere to help her team. Whether it was driving to the lane amongst the trees for a layup and going all-out on a steal attempt, Mitchell sacrificed her body. Although just a freshman, she was counted on to be the main ball handler for the Coyotes and the main scoring threat. She handled that with the poise of an upperclassman. Now, head coach Jason Smith has three more years with her. She was a second team All-County/Metro Athletic Conference selection.

Andrea Garcia, Guard Sr. Madera

Garcia was one of the underrated players on the court. She was the quiet player on the court and did the little things to help her team. She got the key rebound, got the key bucket or the key steal. She was just there to make a play. She was a CMAC honorable mention.

Aasyria Goins, Guard Jr. Madera

Goins got the responsibility of guarding the opposing team’s point guard. She used her speed to frustrate opponents. While not really counted on for scoring, she took advantage of her opportunities. She was very adept at getting the offensive rebound, finding the ball under the trees in the middle of the lane. She also found plenty of defensive rebounds.

Jonese Feliu, Guard Sr. Madera South

Watching her grow as a basketball player was a pleasure for head coach Johnny Sharp. Also watching Feliu’s long hair go everywhere while she was driving the lane was a sight. She was quick and had quick hands to get her share of steals. She was counted on to lead the Stallions this year and did her job tremendously as a leader. She was a second team All-CMAC selection and a two-time All-Tribune selection.

Arelis Chavez, Center Sr. Madera South

Chavez had to play two sports at the same time when both volleyball and basketball were in season. Chavez excelled at both and, one time, played an afternoon volleyball match and a basketball game later in the evening. She was a force inside the lane for the Stallions and had a soft touch inside. CMAC opponents were glad to see her graduate. She is a three-time All-Tribune selection and earned All-CMAC honorable mention.

Maria Hernandez, Guard Sr. Madera South

“She played to her full potential,” said head coach Sharp. “She was hurt for most of the year and had to get taped up. She never complained about anything. If she wasn’t hurt, she could have given us more. Great effort and great attitude. She hit some big free throws against Edison.” She was a quiet player for the Stallions, but gave 100 percent effort. She earned an All-CMAC honorable mention.

Jasmine Duarte, Forward Sr. Madera South

“Everything we taught them, they did that very well,” Sharp said. “I was surprised how much Jasmine boxed out. She was committed to education and to the basketball team.” When Chavez had to take a break, Duarte stepped up to box out and get the rebound for the Stallions.



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