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A day fit for Kings

For The Madera Tribune

Madera Old Timers Day 2023 King and Queen Nadine and Steve King, center, and Grand Marshal Jim Bryan are recognized during a Madera County Board of Supervisor’s meeting.


Steve, Nadine King named Old Timer’s Day Parade royalty

For many years, Steve King worked with the Sunrise Rotary to help with the Old Timer’s Day Parade. Whether it was heading to the parade route a few days before or just organizing the parade, King has been there.

Now, it’s the other way around for King. Instead of watching the parade from the back and watching it go off, King, with his wife, Nadine, will be at the front of the parade as the Old Timer’s Day King and Queen.

“I think it’s a big honor to be the King and Queen of the parade,” Steve said. “I’ve been a part of the parade with Sunrise Rotary. The last four years, we helped line the parade out. We will go out Wednesday morning and paint the street with the numbers for people to line-up. I’ve been in the parade many times and go way back. The day of the parade, the Rotary will have guys down there and line them up. We point them in the right direction. The Interact kids help. We all pitch in and help. It’s not just me, but everybody.”


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